Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jonah- month 9

Hard to believe that Jonah is 9 months old now! We just had his nine month check up yesterday and he weighs 24 pounds 2 ounces (80th percentile) and he's 28 inches long (50th percentile). I am happy to say that Jonah has been very very healthy this past month. Not a single ear infection since getting ear tubes last month. It's a miracle surgery and in our case very necessary. Other than being chunky and healthy, lots has changed since last month.....

First and foremost, Jonah is now mobile. Yes, one day he went from rocking on all fours to taking off across the room. He's into EVERYTHING and if you don't keep a close eye on him you will find him sitting in the middle of the kitchen at the dishwasher trying to mess with the dirty dishes or at the dog bowl trying to eat Buckeye's dog food. Needless to say, the entire first floor of our house has been Jonah-proofed (aka baby-proofed). We've covered every outlet, tied up any hid any cords, locked lower cabinets, gated off the top of the stairs.....once he's vertically mobile we will have to address all of the doors, locks, toilets and strapping down some of the bigger items.

Jonah is growing fast and eating non-stop. In fact, if he's not playing, sleeping or on a discovery mission (i.e. getting into everything) Jonah is eating. He is still on Gerber Gentle Plus formula but we are now on stage 2 foods, cereal and snacks. Jonah's favorite foods include: sweet potatoes and chicken (pre-mixed), squash, tutti-fruiti (tropical fruit mixture), mango's, strawberry bananas, some granola cinnamon and raisin concoction made by Gerber. He also loves the veggie puffs. They look like cheesy puffs minus the processed cheese.

Jonah is so big that he is outgrown his pumpkin seat and is now in his rear facing big boy car seat. He loves it. The only down fall is if he falls asleep in the car and we go somewhere he wakes up once we take him out of the seat.

Because Jonah is crawling he is finding new and exciting place to play. When we took his new big boy car seat out of the box, he and Stella played in the box for several hours. He loves "discovering" and finding new things on his own. It's amazing how something so simple as a box can keep him busy for hours on end.

 Jonah also likes to play with the laundry basket. Each week he gets more curious and adventurous with the laundry basket, so much so that this week he pulled out EVERY piece of folded clothes that was in the basket so he could climb in (notice the clothing piled on the floor in the background). He sat in the basket for about an hour and simply loved it as you can see from the expression on his face! I mean, who needs fancy toys when a large empty box and a laundry basket will keep him busy for hours on end.

After playing with the laundry basket for sometime, Jonah figured out how to tip it over so he could crawl out.....and he's off!

Jonah also recently discovered how to pull himself up! Yes everything from the ottoman, the side of the couch or even the side of his toy bin, he's pulling himself up and each day his balance is getting better. I walked into his room this morning and he was standing at his crib chewing on the railing (I'm thankful that Todd lowered his mattress when he began sitting up several months ago). I'm sure before his 10 month blog he will be walking.

On this day it was 92 degrees out and so I stripped Jonah down to his diaper and he played all evening in his bouncer naked! Check out my chuncky monkey!


On nice days (that is days when its NOT raining or  that aren't nearly 90+ degrees out) we try to get outside and play as much as possible. On this day we played outside on our swing set and even enjoyed popsicle's. This was Jonah's first popsicle. He loved it although I only let him have a few licks because I didn't want him to get an upset stomach. Needless to say, Jonah LOVED the popsicle!

Seven years ago, for Stella's first birthday, Teta and Gido bought Stella a Rainbow swing set/play system. It's pretty awesome, I must admit and 7 years later Stella still loves it and now Jonah enjoys it too! Jonah loves sitting in the bucket swing and being pushed. In fact when the swing slows down he fusses until you push him a bit higher. Stella certainly loves being a big sister and loves playing with Jonah especially on the swing.

Jonah has learned so much this month that we wanted to document it and capture it on video....ENJOY!

I'm learning to use the camera we bought before Jonah was born. I am not an artist by any means but I am beginning to experiment and use other functions and setting on the camera other than auto.  Here are a few shots that I took.

Jonah was drooling quite a bit this month! I am happy to report that in early June he cut his top 2 teeth (at the same time). It was pretty predictable really. One morning he woke up congested and snotty and a tad fussy and later that evening when he was laying on his back and I was changing him, there were these 2 beautiful little white teeth looking at me! Auntie Sissy is dying to feed him a steak and my moms famous grape leaves!

Its so hard to believe that my little man is already 9 months old. His first birthday will be here before you know it (which reminds me, I must get my party planning hat on and start making arrangements and preparing). It's amazing to see Jonah's personality begin to develop. He's learning and discovering something new everyday whether its clapping his hands, waving goodbye, calling Buckeye our dog "da" or signing "more" when he wants more food. I cant tell you how blessed I am to be the mother of 2 pretty spectacular kids and being able to live and share each of these moments with them!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Stella's 8th Birthday!

It's so hard to fathom that 8 years ago today, we were at Miami Valley Hospital and Stella was born! I remember it  like it was yesterday. I went into the hospital in the evening of June 3rd (I was being induced and my doctor wanted me there the night before). 18 hours later Stella Marie Langley was delivered by emergency c-section. At 6:11pm Stella entered the world and graced us all with her presence! She was 6lbs 4oz and 21.5 inches long. She was just perfect and absolutely beautiful. She had a head full of brown soft hair and big bluesh/grey eyes. She was the first grandchild on both sides and the first great granddaughter. She was and still is our little miracle.

Today she has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. She's a young vibrant and active 2nd grader, ops I mean 3rd grader. She loves to play soccer, basketball, toss the football with her dad, go swimming, ride her bike or scooter, play video games/wii and climb on her swing set.

This past Tuesday, Todd and I took a birthday treat to her 2nd grade class at school. Since her birthday falls on a Saturday and the last day of school was on Thursday, we went on a Tuesday. It was Todd's first time visiting her class and Stella was so excited that her daddy was there. Since there are so many kids now a days with food allergies, we opted for popsicles for her birthday treat. Not to mention that it was 90+ degrees out on that day so popsicles were a great choice. Todd sat at Stella's desk and all of the kids huddled around. Amazing that he was able to get up from that little desk chair.

Stella's class enjoying popsicles!

Stella showing us around her classroom.

Stella and her 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Schmitt

Stella's 2nd grade class

Early on during the school year, a family at Five Points Elementary School donated this historic flag to be put on display at Stella's school. Her school collected donations to have it properly framed and preserved and asked the students to give the names of family members that had served our country. Stella submitted the names of both of her great grandfathers, Phipps Langley and Clyde Marshall. I was able to find their names amongst the hundreds of stars on the wall. What a great honor for Stella and her great grandfathers to be a part of her school history!

Finally, before the day was over Stella's class got to make one final visit to the computer lab. It's hard to believe that nowadays kids take typing class in the 2nd grade. Both Todd and I didn't take typing until we were in high school and even then it wasn't even on a pc. I suppose its the sign  of the times and well, we are just old!

Stella in the computer lab on typing pal

Even Daddy got to come along too

This year Stella decided she wanted to have a soccer themed birthday party and since her soccer season had just finished up earlier this week she wanted to have her soccer team over.


Stella found this cute birthday frame at one of her new favorite stores in the mall, Justice. She thought it would be fun for all of her friends to sign it when they arrived and we would print out a group picture of the girls at the party to put in it. What a great way to remember your 8th birthday!

After everyone had arrived, it was time to eat! Stella opted to have pizza rather than cook out. Thankfully the weather was nice so that nearly the entire party took place outside in the backyard.

The girls eating pizza!
My parents (Teta & Gido) and my sisters family came over to help us out with Stella's party. With Todd and I tending to the birthday girl and 9 of her friends, we needed someone to watch Jonah and manage Buckeye (our dog).  They helped us out tremendously. Sarah and Teta took turns handling Jonah. However neither of them really wanted to share him (if you can imagine that). Todd and Mikey played outside with the girls. Poor Mikey took a lot of abuse from those girls. So glad it was him and not me! :)

Auntie Sissy and her Jojo

Uncle Mikey, how did you manage to get Jonah away from Teta and Auntie Sissy?

The girls played everything from football, soccer, monkey in the middle, corn hole and a little bit of acrobatics on the swing set!

Stella and her friend Reagan with the same soccer outfit from Justice.

Todd and Gido keeping an eye on the girls outside.

Teta feeding Jonah while I tend to the girls and the party.
Earlier this year, we got Todd a cookie cake for his birthday and it was so delicious. At that time, Stella said "Mommy, I want a cookie cake for my birthday too." Ask and you shall receive!

Yummy cookie cake- great idea Stella!

Happy 8th Birthday Stella!

Hard to believe my baby girl is 8!
Todd set up cornhole in the backyard and the girls had a lot of fun. Even Teta got in on the action and she has quite an arm! Mike said "I want Teta on my team." Who knew Teta had knack for cornhole!?!


Teta & Stella

Auntie Sissy managed to wrangle Jonah away from Teta!

Uncle Mike playing with the girls.
Later on we had an ice cream sundae bar! It was a great snack to have after the girls had played so hard and were worn out. Stella choose all the toppings: colored sprinkles, chocolate chips, M&M's, marshmallows and hot fudge. The ice cream flavors included: chocolate, strawberry and chocolate chip. It was so fun and so yummy!

the toppings!

yummy ice cream!

adding their toppings...

Sophia picked out Squinkies for Stella's present.
This is the group picture of the girls that Stella wants to frame in the picture frame the girls signed.

Soccer team plus cousin Sophia!

Jonah had just woken up from his nap and he got in on the group shot too!

No picture is complete without Jonah!

It's very hard to believe that my baby girls is 8 years old already! Where does the time go? She is simply getting way too big too fast. We wish her many many more blessed birthdays and we look forward to continuing to watch her grow into a beautiful young lady!