Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July Weekend 2010

Long (holiday) weekends are always the best! And even after being in Hilton Head for a week, I absolutely loved that my first week back at work was a short one! Todd and I both decided to take the Friday before the 4th weekend off to take Stella to Kings Island for the day. Of course we slept in and then headed to the park in the early afternoon.

Stella rode so many of the same rides she has in the past in Planet Snoopy and so many new rides too. She rode the Woodstock Express (formerly know as the Beastie), the Log Ride and the the Kite Eating Tree for the first time. She and Todd has such a blast on the rides. Of course being preggers I couldn't even ride the rides but I had a blast waddling thru the park with them and taking thier pictures of course!We had a ton of fun, even ate lunch at Larossa's (which Stella and I paid for later on, if you know what I mean) and Stella even got Dippin Dots and a Snoppy Tie Die T-Shirt to round off our day at the park. We are truly blessed to have a great amusement park less than 20 miles away from our house! When we got back to Dayton we headed to the pool for a little dip; it was so nice to cool off for a bit after a hot and sweaty day at the park.

Sunday we were off to Lake Shawnee (in Jamestown). Todd's grandparents have a cottage on the lake and the grandkids just love it out there. They play in the sand on the beach, swim in the lake, jump off the dock into the lake and take rides on the jet ski. Todd even set up the slip and slide this year down the big hill the leads to the lake and the kids had a blast; thankfully Uncle Scotty didnt break the slip and slide this year. The poor guy gets ridiculed each year about the slip and slide he broke 3 summers ago!

Later that night, we were off to visit baby A-Pug! Our good friends Joe and Lynn Pugnale welcomed their third child earlier that week, Andrew Joseph Valentine Pugnale, and it was time for us to go visit the little guy! Stella loved holding him and loving on him. There is NO doubt in my mind that she will make a great big sister!

We definately had a busy fun filled 4th of July weekend but it was well worth it! Family and friends are so precious and intrical in our lives and its great to spend as much time with them and create more and more wonderful memories!