Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stella Plays Basketball!

It's no surprise that as soon as the soccer season was over Stella was already inquiring as to when basketball season would start. Last year was Stella's first year playing basketball and no doubt she absolutely loved it! Although she played in the YMCA league last year, this year we opted to sign her up for the Springboro league. The YMCA league was ok; the coaching and ref-ing were very remedial and geared more for 4 year olds and not kids much older than that. Although this would only be Stella's second year to playing basketball she was much more advanced and more competitive than the YMCA would allow (I wonder where she gets that from) so we thought we would try out the Springboro league!

Making Stella's basketball season all the more interesting, Todd opted to volunteer to be the teams assistant coach. Honestly at first I was very surprised and yet kind of worried all at the same time. If you don't already know or if you've ever watched any sporting event with Todd, he is very competitive and easily gets worked up. So of course when he volunteered be the assistant coach all I could think about was the following:
  • he does know that he will have to talk to people, right? (Todd suffers from a little social anxiety disorder)
  • how many games into the season until Todd gets ejected?
  • he does know that he can't drop the f-bomb in front of the kids or scream at them, right?
  • and he does know that he can't scream at the ref...
No in all seriousness, Stella loves having her dad on the sideline coaching and I couldn't be more prouder of the two of them.

Taking the ball down the court.

Stella's basketball practice began in early December and her games began in January after the holidays. Their season is comprised of 8 games and a tournament. Her ganes all fall on a Saturday and their practices are every other week on Friday evenings.


What has amazed me thus far is how much Stella's game has improved in a few short weeks. Not only is she becoming more focused but she's picked up additional skills that have helped her improve her dribbling and shooting. Some Sundays after church, Todd will take Stella up to the YMCA during open gym and they shoot around and practice.

Taking it to the basket!

Although this league does not allow for fast breaks or stealing the ball for opposing players, it can be quite competative. So far Stella and her team are 3 games into the season and they are UNDEFEATED!

Game #1- WIN 48-20 (Stella had 16 points)
Game #2- WIN 39-18 (Stella had 4 points)
Game #3- WIN 54-34 (Stella had 6 points)

Stella shoots...

...and she scores!

Jonah and I have had so much fun watching Stella and Todd! Most Saturdays, when Jonah is cooperating of course, we head on over to watch their games and to cheer them on. Here's to hoping for an undefeated season for the Springboro Panthers Girls Team #11 and many more baskets for Stella!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Jonah- month 4

Oh my how time flies... I absolutely cannot believe that my little boy is already 4 months old! Somethings didn't change this month; like how much Jonah loves the bathtub and how much he loves to eat. We are flying thru his clothes and it seems like just about every week I am putting another outfit in the "too small pile." At his 4 month check up today he weighed 16lbs 15oz (he was 12lbs 13oz at his 2 months) and 25 inches long (he was 23.5 inches at 2 months). He's in the 80th percentile for weight and 55th percentile for height. Overall Jonah's grown nearly 10 pounds and 5 inches since birth.

Buddha Belly!

I look like Gido!
Jonah has changed and crossed many milestones this month....

Jonah is becoming much more alert of his surroundings. When he enters a room he looks around with his big brown wide eyes. He is definitely becoming much more curious and alert of whats going on around him. He's even begun to exhibit obvious recognition of the people he knows. He smiles lots for Stella, Daddy, and all of his teachers at daycare. Sometimes, when I go pick him up from daycare and walk into his room he begins to move his arms in excitement and will smile at me. Jonah's even begun to make intentional eye contact and if he hears your voice will look around the room and search for you.

If you smile at me, I'll smile back!

Jonah most definitely found his voice and has begun coo'ing and babbling quite a bit this past month. When you talk or coo at him he typically will respond and coo back at you. Sometimes he's so talkative and noisy that Stella's nicknamed him "Chatty Cathy." She loves talking to him and hearing him respond back to her. Stella absolutely adores Jonah and it's great seeing them interact together!

Stella and Jonah

Jonah has definitely gained a lot more upper body strength and balance in the last few weeks. He is able to sit up a lot better in his Bumbo seat and loves to sit in it and watch tv with Stella. We even had to breakout the exersaucer for him from the basement. He loves sitting in it and playing will all of the toys and holds himself up really well in it. He still loves his swing and sometimes he sleeps in it but has grown out of his bouncer and doesn't sit in it as much as he used to.

Chilling in my exersaucer!
Jonah is constantly drooling and now requires a bib all the time, if not his shirt will become soaking wet with saliva. Jonah even cut his first tooth this month (Jan 12th). I found it while I was giving Jonah a bath. He put his hand which was covered in bubbles in his mouth and when I went to scoop the bubbles out of his mouth I felt his little sharp tooth! It definitely explains why we've had several fussy nights that required the use of Orajel (miracle drug) and Tylenol.
Recently we had to break out the high chair from the basement. Yet another item that Todd was pleased about assembling. We found that when we sat down for dinner in the kitchen and Jonah was not pleased that he was not part of the action too. He now sits with us at the kitchen table (if he's awake) for all of our meals and babbles the entire time.

Hanging out in my highchair.

Jonah joins the family for dinner each night.

Just yesterday Jonah had his very first jar of baby food. It was banana's and he LOVED them. He kept licking his lips and trying to put his fingers in his mouth as if to say "this is delicious, give me more!"

Rice cereal and bananas.

The next day we tried sweet potatoes...(the picture says it all). No surprise that he loved sweet potatoes too.

Jonah loves sweet potatoes!

Jonah's had an action packed month and we are excited for him to cross more and more milestones!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Eve 2010

To our delight we FINALLY had plans for New Years Eve Celebration! I can honestly say that it's had to be at least 10 years or so since we've gone out on New Years Eve!

This year was going to be different than most New Years Eve parties...we weren't just going to any ole' party, NO we were going to a wedding on New Years. My friends from Lexis, Lindsey and Kyle, were getting married. Yes they both work in my department together. I love my husband but I am thankful that we don't work in the same place. Sharing a parking lot with him is more than enough for me (Todd's work is next door to my building so we actually share a parking lot).

We didn't have to even ask and Teta was already volunteering her services for New Years Eve. She loves watching the kids and was so excited to have both for the night. Of course in true Teta fashion, she went all out and even bought the kids New Years hats and noise makers. I can't even fathom what we would ever do without Teta and Gido; they are truly a blessing to us and to our children!

Gido and Jonah.

Jonah's ready to party in his New Years hat.

The wedding was at Christ United Methodist Church in Kettering (on Shroyer Road) near the Fraze. It was a beautiful church. Once we arrived we congregated with all of my Lexis friends and their spouses/significant others. My friend Lisa, and sales meeting roommate from 2 years ago, was a bridesmaid. She looked spectacular and we enjoyed meeting and getting to know her husband Todd (great name, right?) throughout the night!

Lisa was a bridesmaid.

Shortly after we arrived the wedding began. It was a beautiful ceremony that united not just Lindsey and Kyle but their sons Carter and little Kyle too. It was definitely a tearjerker at times. Not to mention that Lindsey looked spectacular and Kyle didn't look so shabby himself all dressed up!

Here comes the bride!

After the wedding we headed down the street to Presidential Banquet Center for the reception and New Years festivities.  There we spent most of the evening with all of my Lexis colleagues and their spouses. Todd was happy that our friends Paul and Vanessa were there since he knew them. Paul and Vanessa just got married this past summer and I was a bridesmaid and 34 weeks pregnant at their wedding (see earlier blog post entitled Summer = Weddings).  Paul and Vanessa are expecting a baby boy this coming May. We couldn't happier for them and we are hoping that they will move to Springboro soon so that Baby Stephan and Jonah can be in school together!

We were determined to feel that little guy kick!

Of course the food was delicious because Kohler catered it and the company was great. We had a great time and a lot of fun. Lindsey and Kyle had New Years party hats, tiara's, beads and noisemakers on hand.

Jamiee and I with the happy couple.

My HOT date!

Before the night was over, I just had to see my babies. Not to mention that I wasn't used to staying up past midnight unless I was administering a bottle feeding. We called my parents and the kids were still up so we headed back over to their house and kissed the kids Happy New Year! Since Teta was on call the night before and I was in good shape (i.e. completely sober; I can't say the same for Todd), we took Jonah back home with us and Stella stayed the night with Teta and Gido. Teta and Gido have a crib, bouncer and a high chair at their house so they are well equipped and prepared for when the kids come and visit but I didn't want to risk Jonah getting them up at night.

Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Williams!

For our first New Years Eve celebration out in nearly a decade a lot of fun was had by all!  Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Williams; we couldn't be happier for you guys! Here's to many more New Years together!