Tuesday, January 5, 2010

faith = love

I thought that the title of my blog was appropriate for what I am about to discuss. We often question why bad things happen to good people. But in the grand scheme of things when all the dust has settled we still question our faith and say "why me" or "why did this have to happen to X" and we forget that He has a plan! I am not crazy but a believer and I believe that everything happens for a reason. It doesn't matter who your God is but that you have faith in your God.

Bad news or even disappointment can be very hard to swallow but sometimes something really bad has to happen to have a positive outcome. I know that sounds crazy but its not! It's called faith! It's knowing that He has a plan and He knows whats best for us and He will do what is in our best interest.

Did you know how many times trust is mentioned in the Bible:
Old Testament-134 times
New Testament-13 times

I also think that faith is what makes each of us so unique, similar and yet so different.

I distinctly remember questioning my faith when I couldn't get pregnant. I would fight with my God and plead with him to give me a baby. I would often wonder if He thought I wouldn't be a good mom and that's why I couldn't get pregnant. What annoyed me more were the people that could drink water or sneeze and they were pregnant yet we were trying everything and anything! Then one day our prayers were answered and we were pregnant! Now instead of being thankful and feeling blessed I would question Him asking "what did I do to deserve this?" I was so blessed and so thankful and at the same time didn't know if I was worthy to be a mom!

Today there is no job or salary or award that is more fulfilling than being a mother. It's hearing your name called even from the upstairs bathroom "MOM!" that just tugs on your heartstrings every single day! It's seeing the excitement in their eyes when you pick them up from school, volunteer in their classroom, or when they have learned something new that they want to show you! I wouldn't trade it for the world and I hope that I can teach and enstill in her my faith that lead me to her and a love that is priceless and indescribable!

I love you Stella.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Ever wonder why people feel the need to have New Years resolutions. Is it because it's the New Year that we decide to have a resolution; kinda like out with the old (year) and in with the new (year)...

So what are my 2010 New Years resolutions? I learned long ago that I never stick to my resolutions. Like millions of people year after year I make myself promise that I will workout more and eat healthier but as we all know as time goes by my resolutions always fall by the way side. And every year of course I convince myself that "this year is different" and I am REALLY going to stick to my guns and resolutions that is.

hmm...so what does 2010 hold (by way of resolutions) and how will this years resoultions differ from the past? How can i guarantee that come February I haven't tossed my resolutions to the curb as I have in the past!

In 2010,I will again focus on health and fitness. But this year I want to take it to a whole new level! I want to focus not only my physical health but my mental and spiritual health. 2009 made me realize that life is too short to be involved in unhealthy relationships/friendships etc. and that I need to focus on surrounding myself with people that will enhance my mental and spiritual health. Too many young and important people died in 2009 and it made me realize that at any moment any of us can go (by go I mean pass). But the real question that I pose is "if I were to leave this earth today, would I be prepared?" Prepared for what?....prepared to meet my creator and prepared for what is to come next. Did I live my life to the fullest? Did I acheive all that I set out to? Did I leave with the wisdom to know that those I left behind will be taken care of? I know these are some big tough questions that have no clear cut answer but it makes you think doesn't it?!

So what are your resolutions and are they accomplishable or will you have forgotten about them come March?!