Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

October is one of my favorite months! The leaves turn, the air gets a little cooler and crisp (although this year it was so unseasonably warm) and you can smell bonfires! Just like every year, this year we went to Kleathers to get our pumpkins. Stella loves going to Kleathers; each year she picks out pumpkins for each of us and she enjoys all the fun little things that they have set up for the kids to do! We look forward to taking Jonah in the coming years too. He was way too little this year and he stayed home with daddy.

Stella & Sophie prior to picking out their pumpkins!

Stella wandering and looking for the perfect pumpkin!

  Mikey looking for the right pumpkin.

Thankfully October was unseasonably warm this year. Stella dressed as a penguin and Jonah a little bengal tiger. Stella was able to trick or treat in her costume without being overly bundled up or wearing a coat on top of her costume. Todd took Stella around the neighborhood to trick or treat. Amazingly she was able to stay out for nearly the entire 2 hour span. In years past she's only been able to stay out for about an hour or so. Thankfully, Todds parents (Nana & Papi) came over to watch Jonah so that I could stand on the driveway and pass out candy to the trick or treater's!

My 2 little pumpkins!

My little tiger!

Nana hanging out with Jonah!

As usual, Mikey dressed up for Halloween and his costume was awesome! This year he dressed up as DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gaba Gaba!

Stella wanted to try on DJ Lance Rocks attire!

Halloween was so much fun this year! I look forward to many more fun holidays with the kids!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Jonah- Month 1

Lots has happened in Jonah's first month! We've come to find that Jonah has a milk allergy and reflux. As a result he now is on Nutramigen (which is a hypoallergenic formula and NOT cheap) and Prevacid. He loves to sleep on his belly more than his back and is no longer a fan of being swaddled. I think he doesn't like his arms being constricted! And everyone under our roof has been peed on!

Jonah was not a fan of his first sponge bath!

Stella is so excited about being a big sister and always wants to hold Jonah. Here she is playing with his hands and is surprised by his tight grip on her finger.

 Jonah's days are filled with a lot of eating and sleeping!


Jonah enjoying his swing! Thank you Auntie Vanessa and Uncle Paul!

Jonah's first trip to Krogers (grocery store). He was well behaved and didn't really care what type of cereal I bought! :)

 Here are some of the folks that came to visit Jonah....
Gido (grandpa in Arabic), is so proud and excited; he finally has a grandson!

Stella showing off her big sister shirt!        And of course here is the Big Cousin!

And together its sheer mayhem (aka double trouble)! Soon enough Jonah will be torturing these two!

Here they are holding Jonah together!

Uncle Mikey just loves to come and visit and beat box to Jonah!

Jonah is Granny's 12th great grandchild!

4 generations of Langleys!

Auntie Jenny came to visit and spend the day with Jonah on her day off. She had to come on a day when Nana wasn't here if she wanted to get any Jonah time! :)

Jonah is Mamoose's 2nd great grandchild. She came over to visit and ended up feeding him a bottle.

Against my better judgement, I let Uncle Vine take a picture with Jonah even though he was wearing enemy garb! Jonah will have to teach him whos team is better and which team dominates year after year!

Jonah tagged along with me to my 2 week OB visit with Dr. Wood. He was able to meet the man that brought him into the world! Look at how happy Jonah is...THANK YOU Dr. Wood!

 Daddy chilling on the couch with his 2 favorite kids!

As I look back at Jonah's first month, not only am I amazed as to how quickly it flew by but I am amazed how well he's adjusted (to being on a schedule), how well I've adjusted to being sleep deprived and how much Jonah has grown! Each day I see something new in him whether its a new facial expression or a new noise and everyday I come to love him more and more!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer- Team Mamoose!

Todd's 86 year old grandmother, Donna Marshall (aka Mamoose), and the glue that holds our family together, was recently (August 2010) diagnosed with breast cancer. The tumor was found because she diligently goes to her yearly mamogram. In September, Mamoose underwent surgery to remove the tumor and has a rigorous course of radiation. She will now be under the care of an oncologist for the rest of her life to ensure that the cancer does not return!

In honor of Mamoose, I put together a team called Team Mamoose to walk in the 2010 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. On Saturday October 16th we decided to show our support and make a difference by walking as a team in the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event. A team of family members and friends walked 3.1 miles in honor of Mamoose! Team Mamoose raised $1600 in less than 30 days for the American Cancer Society. The weather was unseasonably warm and in the 60's. We had such a good time and all for a great cause!

Scott and Julie before the walk!

Team Mamoose (from Left to Right)- Sarah, Jonah, Me, Kenna, Julie, Cindy, Jenny, Linda, Mike, Leah & Scott

Jonah in his stroller bundled up- he even registered to walk!


Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is more than just the name of a walk; it describes the progress we're making together in the fight against breast cancer. Nothing can describe the hope that is inspired by walking with others who share a passion for ending this disease. Because nearly everyone has been touched by breast cancer in some way, hope for a world with less breast cancer and more birthdays starts with us.

Dont forget to get your yearly momograms and to "Feel Your Boobies" on a regular basis!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jonah's Tisht-Prayer of Bathing

Children are the building blocks for every church! In the Coptic Orthodox faith, children are considered pure and holy beings who become full church members when baptized. According to our faith, eight days after a childs birth a ritual blessing called Salawat al-tisht (the Bathing Prayer) is preformed. It's a set prayers of Thanksgiving to God for the safe delivery of a baby and occurs on the eighth day irregardless of whether the baby is a boy or girl. The prayer occurs in the home of the parents with a normal baby bath tub and warm water. The prayer follows the standard, Lord's prayer, thanksgiving prayer, psalm 51, raising of incense (as in Matins). The priest 'washes' the baby in the bath and hands the child back to his/her mother/father. Prayer concludes with the Lord's Prayer. The blessing commemorates Jesus' presentation in the Temple when he was 8 days old.  The Tisht is not the baptism or a replacement for the baptism but is considered a confirmation of the childs Christian identity.

Father Angelous praying on the water.

The Prayer of Thanksgiving

Todd reads the gospel.

Seven candles in the sign of the cross.

Uncle Mikey reading scripture.

Blessing the water.

Mommy preparing Jonah and getting him naked.

Jonah in the tub getting blessed!

Drying off and getting dressed. Big sister Stella helping of course.

My sweet baby boy!

Family picture with Father Angelous!
Stay tuned...Jonah will be baptised Sunday November 7th!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Jonah Phipps Shenouda Langley arrived on Saturday September 18th, 2010 at 6:23am. He weighed in at 7lbs even and was 20 inches long.

To say that Jonah's arrival was not eventful would be a lie! Friday September 17th, I had gone to bed not feeling 100%. In fact, I had this weird cramp on my left side of my pelvis. I just figured that I had pulled a muscle trying to get into bed. At 3:30 Saturday morning I woke up in severe pain and I knew that something just want right. After calling my OB, Dr. Wood, he told me that he wanted me to go to the hospital. Thankfully my sister, Sarah, lives just around the corner and was able to come watch Stella at a moments notice and we were off to the hospital.

Once we arrived at the hospital the security guard and a triage nurse were waiting for us by the front doors of the Barry building (that's the Barry Woman's Health Pavilion at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton). Apparently, Dr. Wood had called and told them that we were on our way and to expect us. At the hospital they checked me and determined that I was NOT in active labor and checked the baby as well and determined that he was not in any distress. However, my pain (the cramp on the left side of my pelvis) was not dissipating and not getting any better. Since we were only 5 days from my scheduled c-section, Dr. Wood thought it was a good idea to go ahead and move it up and to get the baby out and see what was going on in my insides.

So at a little after 5am the phone calls began. We called both Todd family and my family to let them know that our little man would be making an appearance shortly. My mom was actually working on this particular Saturday and when Todd called her at the house at 5am she was already up getting ready to come to the hospital. I think the news of her impending grandson's arrival put a little spring in her step and she got to work a little early on this day! :)

So at 6:23am, Jonah Phipps Shenouda Langley made his presence known! He was most certainly a screamer. What a relief that was, considering Stella never screamed and i later found out that she needed to be resuscitated.

Ready or not here I come...

When Stella sees this picture she always asks "mom, why is Jonah covered in ranch dressing?" It always amazes me how children think and the funny stuff that comes out of their mouths!

Getting my first look at my new little man!

Daddy getting a closer look at Jonah while he bakes under the warmer!
Jonah's Crib tag:

Jonah's first feeding and his first taste of food (if you can call formula food)!

Look at how cute I am!

Bathed and swaddled! 

Littlest and cutest Buckeye's fan....

Stella was so excited about being a Big Sister!

She LOVES holding Jonah and kissing on him. She is a tremendous helper too!

Teta (grandma in Arabic) and her 3 grandchildren! Stella- 7 years old, Sophia- 4 years old and Jonah- brand new!

Nana with her grandson, Jonah.

3 of my favorite people! 

Our first family picture!

As I sit here and writing this blog I can see and feel how truly blessed I am! I have a beautiful family; a wonderful husband and 2 wonderful children. I couldn't have fathomed or dreamt a more perfect life for myself. Additionally, it becomes more and more apparent to me that now my family feels more complete! Not to say that before Jonah's arrival that my family felt lacking by any means but that he completes us and make our family feel more rounded and whole (if that makes any sense). And now I cannot even imagine our family without him. He is truly a blessing to us! We tried and tried for so many years to have another child; knowing that God had a plan for us and would bless us with a child at the right time/moment. And although there were many many times that we questioned Him and felt as though we were being punished or that He was not listening to our prayers, I know now for certain that he was waiting for this exact moment to bless us with this little miracle...Jonah.