Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby Showers Galore.....

What can I say other than I am truly blessed to have wonderful friends and family! Prior to Jonah's arrival I was honored at 3 very special baby showers. I certainly didn't expect any baby shower(s) with baby number 2 but to have 3 only makes me feel more blessed!


On August 11th, my good friend from work, Monica Brewer, hosted a little shower luncheon for me at one of my favorite restaurants, Bravo's. It was a nice gathering of 8-10 close friends from work. We enjoyed lunch and of course the ladies spoiled me (or should I say Jonah) with lots of love and presents.



Then on August 22nd, my sister Sarah and friend Chrissy Giga hosted a baby shower for me at Sycamore Creek Country Club. Todd's family, work friends and good friends were on hand and it was a great time. We played the toilet paper game where the ladies had to guess my waist size and the guess how many m&m's are in the baby bottle games.

Showing off my baby bump...

The adorable invite.... Here are the adorable centerpieces my sister and I made. I love hydrangeas.

The tables all set...
The shower favors were Laura's Cookies from DLM. OH and did I mention that they were YUMMYI sat with Angie, Jackie and Lynn. I cant tell you how blessed I feel to have these special ladies in my life!
Todd's cousins and Aunt Susan...

More friends and family....

Big Sister Stella was a great help opening all of the presents. She even had a few presents of her own to open.
Opening gifts... This onsie said "Am I really related to these people!" This onsie will be put to good use at all family functions! :)

Granny bought me my Pottery Barn Whale bank! Its so freaking adorable but you cant tell from the picture that its baby blue with white polka dots on it.

Thanks Carolyn and Dan for Jonah's first Ohio State garb! Todd will ensure that its worn every Saturday if not more.

My niece Sophia bought Jonah his first stuffed animal, an adorable elephant.

Playing the toilet paper game....

Stella and Jenny cheating!

The beautiful cake the Giga got and did I mention how delicious it was too! It was marble cake with butter cream icing-YUM YUM YUM!

Thank you Sarah and Chrissy for a great shower!

Finally on August 28th, my childhood friend Yvette, her mom Tunt Zizi and my sister Sarah hosted my church/Egyptian baby shower. It was in Cincinnati at Yvette's new home. She moved in just 6 weeks prior to the shower. The house was gorgeous and beautifully decorated. Yvette and I have known each other since we were about 2 years old. We both grew up in Hamilton, Ohio and spent nearly each and every weekend together growing up. Our families vacationed together in Hilton Head and we often visited Brookville Lake on long weekends too. We had some of the best gatherings/azuma's at Yvettes families house growing up...oh the memories...
Here is Yvette and her adorable daughter Ana. Ana is a splitting image of what Yvette looked like when we were growing up!

Here is the adorable invitations that Yvette sent out for the shower.
Here's the spread of the most delicious Egyptian food I've ever consumed! Thank you Tunt Zizi- you are the best cook ever!

Chilling with the ladies eating the delicious food!

The adorable sailboat cake from Ashleys Pastry Shoppe in Oakwood. Ashleys Pastry Shoppe is so very special to my family. They made all of our cakes growing up for birthday parties, graduations, holidays and celebrations etc. Then when it was time to get married and have babies there was no where else I would look to have make our cakes. We've known Theresa (the owner) for more than 20+ years now. I am so honored that they were able to make the cake for yet another special occasion in our family.

It was marble cake with butter cream icing!

Stella and Sophia up to their shenanigan's!

I held the baby bottle while the ladies guessed how many m&m's were in them. You should have heard some of the numbers people were guessing!

Me and my sis!

Oh my, look at all the gifts that Jonah and I received. Again, I cannot thank my friends and family for their generosity!
My helper/Big Sister Stella helping me open all of the gifts.

Stella received a "I'm a Big Sister" book from Jonah....

...and a "Big Sister" shirt too.
Here are the adorable baby shower favors...
Thank you Yvette, Tunt Zizi and Sarah for the special day!