Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Disney 2011

I know I am haven't blogged in many many months and I am very far behind, but I suppose that it's better late than never! Right?

We went to Disney over Thanksgiving with the whole fam! My dad's 70th Birthday was in early December. Instead of hosting a big party we thought we would keep it low key and take the entire family to Disney for a week to spend quality time together and to celebrate this momentous and joyous occasion. 

To be honest, I was initially very hesitant at first to travel for an entire week to the Disney parks with a 14 month old but I did my best to keep Jonah on schedule as much as possible and it worked out great.I packed all of his favorite(s); his favorite blanket, baby foods, snacks, sippy cups and more. I wanted him to feel at home even when he wasn't.  I also tried to keep him on his schedule (as much as possible). For example, he typically naps 2 times a day and while at the parks I would strap him into his stroller, recline his seat back, pull down his shade for privacy and keep him moving and before you knew it he was out like a light. The rest of the family went to shows and rides while he slept and I typically found a bench to park my pregnant butt on or an air conditioned shop to browse. It also helped that we stayed in a private home (5 bedroom, 5 bath home) and not at a hotel and we had the ability to use our kitchen, come and go when we pleased and just took it easy on days we wanted to. 

Stella had a blast! The last time she was at Disney she was only 5 and this time I could tell that she loved it and enjoyed it so much more. She was taller this time and could ride all of the rides and I am positive it will be a trip that she will forever remember!

It was a extremely joyous occasion....not only did we celebrate dad's 70th Birthday but Thanksgiving too and it allowed us to remember what we cherish and what we are thankful for as well. 

Here's to more trips to Disney and more fun family vacations! I have uploaded our Disney pictures below...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

YES we're having baby #3

I know I have been terrible about blogging lately but I've had a lot on my plate to say the least! Well let's see after Jonah's First Birthday Extravaganza I received some news.....I AM PREGNANT! 

hmmmm....where do I even begin...let's see...well I went to the OB for my yearly visit and boy was it a visit that I will forever remember. When I heard the news that I was pregnant I was flooded with so many emotions. First and foremost I was shocked, then I was numb, then I began to cry and then I was elated and to be quite honest for several days I was on an emotional roller coaster and I simply did not  know what to do or think. Was this for real? Really? After all of the infertility treatments that I had to endure over the years to even have a family and resulted in our 2 little miracles, Stella & Jonah. How  was this possible? How could this happen (I know exactly how it happened), but how was this possible without the help of modern medicine as we used in the past.

So utter and complete shock is the best way to describe the emotions that we were feeling when we heard the news!  We waited several days for the blood work confirmation before we shared the news with our families. And when we broke the news to Stella that she was going to be a big sister again, she was so excited. Her only request was that this baby too be a boy! What can I say, she adores her baby brother.

Whats so ironic is that several months ago I was taking Stella somewhere and I was driving Todd's car (a Nissan Rogue) and Stella was sitting in the back seat and said "mommy if we ever have another baby we will need a bigger car." To which, I replied "Stella we're not having anymore babies" and she responded to me "mommy you don't know that because God only knows that. Teta always says that God has a plan for all of us." I didn't think much of that exchange at the time but thought it was cute that she wanted another sibling and could somewhat comprehend that in our faith only God knows what is ultimate plan is for us. When I think back to that conversation now,  I get goosebumps! 

Introducing Baby Langley (12 weeks old in this pic)...

With that said....Baby Langley #3 is due on May 7th, 2012. We are utterly excited and delighted to meet this new Langley and to grow our family by 2 more feet!